– Welcome to the Broadmead Area Residents’ Association –


The Broadmead Area Residents’ Association (BARA) strives to maintain the unique characteristics of its residential community of homes within the spectacular natural setting of the West Coast as envisioned by its original developers.

If you wish to know more about Broadmead, please use our Community link. If you wish to know more about our community association and the people filling key appointments, the BARA Officers link will take you to the right place.

Other pages of our site provide information about the restrictive covenants, community services, safety and more. The maps page provides a number of maps of the Broadmead area, including an excellent Trails Map.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

Broadmead ‘For Sale’ Signs

Real estate agents should contact Mile Zero Sign Services at milezerosigns@gmail.com, or by telephone at 250-893-7661, for all new residential listings.

Homeowners should contact Mile Zero directly if using ‘For Sale by Owner’ signage.

Agents are asked to notify Mile Zero Sign Services within seven to ten days after the completed sale. Signs must be removed promptly, except for a brief “sale sticker” period during which prospective buyers and other agents can be advised of the sale.

All Broadmead properties have planning scheme and covenant restrictions which limit properties to single-family use only.  Secondary “suites” are not allowed. Please contact BARA at:  info@broadmead.ca for any questions regarding these covenants.



BARA is Broadmead’s local community organization. It is composed of homeowners who care about Broadmead’s neighbourhoods.  The following volunteer opportunities are available:

The Treasurer is a member of the BARA Board and is responsible for all banking transactions, preparing and presenting the year-end financial statements at the Annual General Meeting, and keeping the books of account necessary to comply with the B.C. Societies Act.

Managing Editor of The BARA Bugle
The BARA Bugle is published twice a year (in April and November).  The managing editor sets the schedule, contacts the contributors, and ensures articles are sent to the editor on time.  The managing editor also picks up the newsletters after they are published.

Carriers to Deliver the BARA Bugle

Volunteers are needed to deliver the Bugle, the BARA newsletter.  There are short and long delivery routes available. The longest route is about a 40-minute walk through our beautiful neighbourhood.

If any of these positions interest you, please contact BARA for further information.         info@broadmead.ca