BARA Needs You — to Volunteer!


BARA is your local community organization. It is composed of residents who care about where they live.  BARA is seeking volunteers for:

Bugle Managing Editor 
The BARA Bugle is published twice a year (in November and April).  The managing editor sets the schedule, contacts the contributors, and ensures that articles are sent to the editor on time.  The managing editor also picks up the newsletters from the printer.


The editor co-ordinates with the managing editor on dates for submissions, edits all articles, works with the layout person and sends the first draft for formatting, checks for other edits, submits the final version for production (printing & mail out), and writes the “Interesting People Live Here” article. The editorial position involves about 15-20 hours per issue.

BARA Bugle Carriers

Volunteers are needed to deliver the Bugle.  There are short and long (about a 40-minute walk) delivery routes available..


The Treasurer is a member of the BARA Board.  He or she is responsible for all banking transactions and prepares and presents the year-end financial statements at the Annual General Meeting.

Please contact BARA at  for further information.