The information about the restrictive covenants provided on this site is not an alternative to legal counsel. In matters of law, appropriate legal advice about the covenants and their application should be obtained.

The restrictive covenants registered against every Broadmead property are the reason for its lasting appeal. The covenants provide guidance on architectural matters, the general appearance of lots, parking, and other issues. These covenants are binding on all current and future owners.

A restrictive covenant is a legal charge against the title of the property and is tied to the title of the land. This means that when the land changes owners, the covenant still applies.

BARA manages the restrictive covenants through its Covenant Management Committee. There are three principal areas of responsibility:

Land Use and Signage
This concerns the appearance and use of properties. It includes, but is not limited to: parking and storage of vehicles, boats and trailers; antennae and satellite dishes; unsightly or untidy properties; the improper storage of materials; commercial use of properties; illegal suites; and the display of signs, including property “For Sale” signs in Broadmead.

Real estate agents should contact Premier Post Installations directly by e-mailing:  or visit the website Premier Post Installations – Real Estate Sign Installations Victoria BC.  Ron can also be reached at 250-893-7661.  Homeowners should contact Ron directly if using “For Sale by Owner” signs.

A written application, supported by plans, must be submitted to BARA for approval before an application is made for a building permit from the District of Saanich. An architecture representative of the Covenant Management Committee normally visits properties and discusses proposed changes with applicants to ensure that community standards are met.

Applications are required for alterations or additions, renovations to building exteriors, exterior colour changes, non-standard roof replacements, fences, and accessory structures such as sheds or gazebos.

A BARA ‘Trees’ representative reviews matters concerning the removal or alteration of trees and shrubs on private properties in Broadmead. The representative liaises with the District of Saanich to ensure that covenant-related issues concerning trees are co-ordinated with local government bylaws. Tree Protection Bylaw | District of Saanich