Covenants – Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain a copy of the Schedule of Restrictions that applies to my property?

You should have received of copy of the schedule from your lawyer along with your State of Title Certificate and other documentation on closing. If you do not have a copy, contact BARA (Contact Us) and we will provide one for you, provided we hold a copy in our files. Otherwise, a copy may be obtained from the local Land Titles Office.

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Why should I follow the covenants?

The restrictive covenants are tied to the title of the land and you agreed to comply with them when you purchased your home. There is more to consider, however, than the legality of the covenants. The covenants maintain Broadmead’s natural beauty and land values. They are a factor in the decision of many people to purchase a home here and, conversely, in the decision of some potential buyers to look elsewhere. The covenants are part of the Broadmead community, they benefit us all, and we have a collective responsibility to abide by them.

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What do I need before starting an exterior renovation on my home?

You must submit an application for a building permit to the District of Saanich Engineering Services. Details about this process may be found at:  BARA urges any homeowner considering renovations to consult with BARA to determine how your proposal conforms to Broadmead’s existing community guidelines.

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If I have a concern that someone is acting against community guidelines or covenant restrictions what can I do? 

In the first instance, we encourage neighbours to talk to each other about their concerns.  Where this is not possible, and where the matter involves neighbours within the same statutory building scheme restrictions, BARA is prepared to meet with residents to try to resolve concerns.

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What colours should I use to repaint or finish the exterior of my house?

BARA urges residents to adhere to paint colour guidelines for the community.  We do not keep a palette of “approved” colours per se, as shades and tones change with colour fashions and styles over time. We ask that exterior colours blend naturally with the environment. A range of neutral colours is acceptable; earth tones, greys, and various shades of brown are preferred in most neighbourhoods.  All colours should be muted and sharp contrasts avoided.

Residents planning to repaint or finish the exterior of their home may wish to contact BARA to ascertain if the colour(s) they are considering meet Broadmead’s community guidelines.

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What types of roofs are recommended in Broadmead?

BARA recommends that roofs be constructed of high quality materials with the general appearance of shakes. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the selected product is compatible with the original structural design. While there are a variety of acceptable roofing materials, the following are generally preferred:

  • Shingles of high quality, fiberglass mat or laminated with a high degree of physical and visual profile.
  • Light concrete tiles that have the appearance of cedar shingles or shakes.
  • Metal panels that have the appearance of cedar shingles or shakes.  Metal roofing constructed of flat panels that do not have the appropriate visual profile are not permitted.

The minimum recommendation for roofing in Broadmead is a 30-year warranty shingle with a minimum thickness of 3.2 mm. They should have a visual profile produced by dark-coloured shadow zones on the shingle and have colour variations creating an impression of a cedar-like texture when viewed from the street. In general, weathered wood colours are preferred, although other shades that are appropriate to a particular home design or landscape setting are acceptable.

We encourage residents to contact BARA with any questions about roofing guidelines or to confirm that your planned roof meets the community standard. We can provide advice on materials and colours and will be pleased to discuss your plans with you.

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What about a fence on my property?

Fences are not generally encouraged in Broadmead, as the “open look” is preferred. Residents wishing to construct fences are urged to consult BARA. BARA does not normally discourage fencing used to divide properties and provide privacy behind houses (i.e., to separate back yards) but discourages fences in front of homes.

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May I cut down damaged or diseased trees on my property?

All protected trees as defined by the Saanich Tree Preservation Bylaw require the approval of the District of Saanich. This applies to almost all trees of some species and to larger trees of all species. For details see: Tree Protection Bylaw | District of Saanich

For the few tree types and sizes not covered by the bylaw, BARA urges property owners to make every effort to retain such trees if they are ‘original’ (trees deliberately retained when the property was developed).

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May I operate a business from my home?

The covenants generally prohibit the use of any lot or building for a commercial enterprise, although there are some exceptions in specified covenant areas. Home offices, in which the work is done entirely by individual residents with no direct engagement with members of the public, are permitted.

Any commercial activity which draws significant additional traffic, creates noise, or otherwise disrupts the residential nature of the neighbourhood is of major concern to BARA. In these cases, BARA will work diligently with neighbours to address such activities.

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Why do the covenants limit the number of cars parked at private homes?

The covenants generally permit a maximum of three cars at each residence, which will meet the needs of most households, not counting vehicles completely hidden from view in garages. They do not permit commercial or recreational vehicles or boats.

A drive around Victoria will reflect the increasing density of cars parked in residential neighbourhoods, often spilling out from driveways onto the street. The vision of Broadmead is one of homes in harmony with nature, and streetscapes crowded with vehicles are inconsistent with this vision.

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Can I park on the street?

Broadmead is a planned residential community with homes integrated into the natural setting. One of the striking features of Broadmead is that there are few cars parked on the streets. This contributes to the integration with nature and the pristine cityscapes we enjoy. Since there are limited sidewalks in Broadmead, on-street parking also makes it more difficult to walk through our neighborhoods safely. On street parking clearly violates the spirit of the covenants and is inconsistent with the Broadmead vision.

We therefore ask that street parking only be used as a temporary measure for visitors.

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Are suites permitted by the covenants?

No. The covenants are clear that no building shall be used for any purpose other than as a single family residence.

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 Are homes allowed to have boats or RV’s stored on the property?

The covenants generally prohibit the parking or storage of boats, trucks, RV’s, trailers, motorhomes, etc.

If you wish to keep a boat or other restricted vehicle on your property, and believe that a suitable screened area is available, please contact BARA. A representative will visit your property to discuss your plans.  Details of how to get in touch with us may be found on the Contact BARA page.

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How do I arrange for an approved For Sale sign when I list my property for sale?

Real estate agents should contact Premier Post Installations:   or visit the website at:  Premier Post Installations – Real Estate Sign Installations Victoria BC. Ron can also be reached at: 250-893-7661 for all sign boards, posts, brackets and Sold signs.

Agents are asked to notify Premier Post Installations within seven to 10 days after the completed sale for sign removal.  Signs must be removed promptly, except for a brief “sale sticker” period which acts to advise prospective buyers and other agents of the completed sale.

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