Web site of the Broadmead Area Residents' Association (BARA)

Site last updated on:
September 7, 2014

Site Guide

Welcome to our web site. If you wish to know more about Broadmead, please use our Community link. If you wish to know more about our community association and the people filling key appointments, the BARA link will take you to the right place.

Other pages of our site provide information about the restrictive covenants, community services, safety and more. The Maps page provides a number of maps of the Broadmead area, including an excellent Trails Map.

If you have any questions after viewing the site, please contact us for more information.



BARA Annual Community Day

Mark your calendars, as the BARA Annual Community Day is coming
September 7th, 2014!

Meet your neighbours and enjoy a range of free activities at Broadmead Village. Check out the event notice for a list of the activities.

More details to follow as the date approaches.

AGM Minutes

Draft minutes from the April 22nd AGM are available here, or from the link in the sidebar. Accepted minutes from the 2013 AGM have also been posted.

Thanks for coming out!

Spring 2014 Bugle

Spring signifies many things, including a new BARA Bugle! The Spring 2014 BARA Bugle is available for your reading pleasure here, or through the link on the sidebar.

Policy on Supporting Charitable Causes

BARA supports the promotion of charitable causes from local Broadmead businesses. After a number of such requests, a policy statement was created to help clarify our position:

Policy Statement:
BARA supports local charity endeavours by advertising them on our website, in The Bugle, and in our Community Kiosk at Broadmead Centre. We do not support commercial ventures except through paid ads in The Bugle.

Trees in Broadmead

Do you have questions regarding trees on your property, or in the neighbourhood? Send us an email at trees@broadmead.ca.

Broadmead 'For Sale' Signs

Effective January 1st 2012 our contract for the installation and removal of 'For Sale' signs has been changed from D & D Sign Setters to
Mile Zero Sign Services.

For all new residential listings, the Realtor should contact Mile Zero Sign Services at milezerosigns@gmail.com or by telephone at 250-893-7661. Homeowners using the 'For Sale by Owner' should contact Mile Zero signs directly.

Residents currently having a listing in Broadmead should contact Mile Zero Signs when the listing expires and they will remove the signs.

Photo Gallery

A selection of community photos are available for viewing in the Photo Gallery. The photos are changed regularly to reflect the seasons and to show community events.

Reporting Graffiti

Residents may report graffiti within Broadmead by email at info@broadmead.ca. We have a small team of volunteers who have kindly agreed to remove graffiti as and when possible.

District of Saanich instructions for reporting graffiti may be viewed here.

Members' Email Addresses

To improve communications with our members we are updating our membership database with email addresses. Members who did not include this information on the mail-in membership form are encouraged to provide it by sending an email to BARA.